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Plants are beautiful

Published: by Vika

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Today I watched videos on YouTube. Saw a timelapse of a cotton plant growing. It was beautiful. Plants are beautiful.

A plant is a simple thing, really. A straw of organic matter that is composed of cells pumping things around (if I still remember my biology class lectures). But they can produce other cells - they live. This reproduction is what makes them beautiful - a plant, a single tube of matter, can grow into a bigger plant - sprout more tubes, eventually grow flowers and reproduce.

I want to buy a small plant, automate its watering and place a live-stream camera next to it. It'll also record a timelapse of the plant growing over time, which will probably be beautiful.

Which plant should I choose?

Published: by Vika

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OK. So I'm sleeping. In the dream, my grandma (not the brightest person in the world when it comes to computers, but she uses Linux) tries to solve a cryptographic challenge. She thought that the cyphertext contains a Russian word for "hand". I reminded her that challenge specified encoding as ASCII, meaning no Russian symbols could be there. She replies: "Asky? All your encodings are the same". #wtf Thankfully, my good friend called and pulled me out of this dream.

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@aaronpk once said I should store my posts in flat files. I've just pushed a commit that decouples Redis from my Micropub endpoint, allowing me to implement various storage and caching strategies, including flat files and Redis. #databaseantipattern

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I like @swentel's Indigenous, but I wish it used JSON posts instead of form-encoded - at least as an option.

Sadly, the girl writing is too dumb to dig into the code and/or write her own app. Android development is much more complex than web, I couldn't even create a post list UI...

I'll list my itches here, though - maybe someone will notice them...

  • HTML in notes editor - maybe like in Telegram
  • Manual login, skipping IndieAuth flow (e.g. if you already have a token or you're not testing stuff in production and don't use a token endpoint in debug)
  • Option to view form-encoded data being sent before it actually gets sent (simplifies debugging)