A draft for my new blogging platform

Published: by Vika

I feel like this world needs yet another blogging platform. A platform more suited for Indieweb, having the core protocols that are essential in the core.

And my Micropub endpoint could be the start of it.

What I have now

The create() function in the Micropub endpoint is highly modular. Wanna switch to another database? Here you go, just write the data in a different way.

And what if you could store the data from the Micropub request itself? Since it perfectly describes a post, you could just grab and render posts directly from stored Micropub request…

The idea

That’s the whole idea. I wanted to make a dynamic site that would solve some of the problems with my current blog - i.e. no support for webmention comments without Javascript, long wait times before the post will appear on the site because it needs to be rendered on a CI… And some problems with Webmentions, since they can glitch out if my CI takes too long to build the site.

If I take my data, convert it to Micropub responses, make my endpoint store that data and then serve it directly, I’ll solve all my problems and will have a blogging engine that could be easily improved, deployed and used. An Indieweb-first blog, where indieweb stack is treated as first-class issue.

That way I’ll be able to improve support for IndieWeb stuff more quickly. Everything I’ll need to add a new property to posts is a quick change in my templates. Or maybe not quick, if it’s check-ins - since checking in involves geo data, I’ll need to use a map. Maybe OpenStreetMap can help?