by Vika

Hi there again, IndieWeb! Now with 100% cuter CSS! Yes, it's another redesign. I feel like Google or VKontakte or any other silos that launched a redesign.

Please do note that I'm still fixing bugs and things may change suddenly.

Now I've switched to element.css - its developers call it "Markdown for HTML" for a reason. It looks totally cool and I've needed to patch it for it to work correctly, since it broke when I tried to test my site in responsive mode. And my sites were always kinda mobile friendly!

Also I've redesigned the theme I use to render this site - now it's cleaner, supports more things (or will support in the future), doesn't have the "newspaper"-color background, and, really, I like it much more this way!

Also I've picked up the round avatar trend from my comments to my h-card too. Just look at it. By the way, do logos look nice there instead of text? Is it obvious that the key icon (thank you FontAwesome for making it!) hides my PGP key?

Because I'm sleepy, I shouldn't be allowed to continue to write posts in this state. So I'm pushing it to master right now. Please reply to this post if you have something to say!

Currently known issues

I'll mark the boxes as I fix the issues.

  • Post datetime and tags aren't styled
  • Menu flows into a post title in single post page