Published: by Vika

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Android development is just too hard and too bloated in comparison to web development. There is a ton of things, half of them are deprecated, there are no clear examples on the official Android website (at least I wasn't able to find them), there are no screenshots showing how stuff could look (hey, you have AOSP, you have your own design guidelines!). UI seems to be driven by a bunch of XML files (and I don't think I could inject stuff into this thing like with HTML and JavaScript - or could I?), and I just can't comprehend it.

Things like this make me want to drop programming and just go brew coffee in a nearby cafe. Things like this make myself feel like a disappointment to the whole world. Things like this make me feel useless.

I wish webapps could integrate with system more. Provide calendars, widgets. Maybe I just need something like Firefox OS. Except it's DEAD.