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Right now I don't have reliable syndication (I like that word more than cryptic POSSE), so I can't post Tweets from my own site. This is bad! But it means I have room for improvement.

This makes my #itches list look like this:

  • Post processing:
    • Markdown support when sending plain text (like from @swentel's Indigenous
    • Automatic insertion of nicknames from h-card database (that one was manual ๐Ÿ˜ #manualtilithurts)
    • Automatic p-category from #hashtags
  • Syndication:
    • Twitter
    • IndieNews and
    • GitHub (for issues)
  • Own IndieAuth
  • Own Microsub (To lessen the impact of #SPOA phenomenon)
  • Own Webmentions:
    • Notifications for them
    • Rendering replies

Probably I forgot something. But it's OK!