News Outlets vs. Authors and Blogs

Published: by Vika

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When scrolling through news on Google Now feed (or is it called Discover now?) I started to realize the fact that most news outlets are utterly useless.

In age of information all that a company has to do to announce something is publish an article on their own website. If someone made something, they post in a blog.

The news outlets (tech news are especially guilty of it) just wrap the real news in what we Russians call water - often losing a lot of original meaning behind the post by confusing terminology and trying to explain something to a person who doesn’t understand tech. And while the last objective seems great, the news don’t do a great job at that.

Nowadays all I see in news are crude retellings of press releases and clickbait titles. Newspapers have become a bubble, an enterprise existing only to show ads to users. When I scroll through news, I see adverts each three paragraphs, taking more space on my screen than the content I came for. (That’s why I use adblockers) Is this the media we wanted? No. Definitely not.

We want free media. Freedom of expression, non-intrusive ads (if ads at all, but come on, I ain’t got money for subscribing to a thousand different newspapers) and original content. Maybe the concept of IndieWeb could provide all of that? I think so!

And if you still want to provide a useful outlet for the content on a single topic, make a syndication hub that will pull blog posts from authors’ websites if they want to be featured. In fact, we already have one - IndieNews - a news feed for everything IndieWeb-related. Just post a webmention if you wanna get featured!