Shattered Dreams

Published: by Vika

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When I was a kid, I wanted to learn how to code. Computers felt like magic to me, and I wanted to partake in this arcane art of creating things.

Right now this art lost its magic to me.

I simply know too much. Computers don’t work on magic words and blue smoke; they work on blood, sweat and tears of countless programmers, some of them doing things they wouldn’t do if they weren’t forced into that by their employers. We create both beautiful masterpieces and abominations that can potentially kill people if used incorrectly. Programs that judge people only based on their past actions; but can this program comprehend that a person can change?

Such a catharsis is human; a machine would never be able to understand it. We could probably even teach a machine to love, but we’ll never be able to teach it to understand why and how people can change.

And that’s why I doubt all my decisions I made in my entire life.