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  • I have nothing around my neck - but why do I have trouble breathing? - was I asking myself as the silence consumed me. It ate my sanity away, but it was too slow and precise to kill me.

The overpowering silence of the world ignoring the failures it produced. Whoever created this crazy universe clearly didn’t care about individuals populating it, instead working towards a different and unknown goal.

They say that humanity is made in God’s image, and lately I’ve come to understand what it really means. We lack compassion towards others. All humanity sows is despair and destruction - why do we think that our creator is any different? Why do we think that whoever created us cares about us as people when we treat each other even worse than the Universe treats us?

It feels like we’re just a random side effect of something much bigger. A side effect that nobody really cares about or even notices. But for some reason humanity declared itself to be the pinnacle of creation, not even stopping to think if they were anything different.