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IndieWeb! What if we suddenly... swap sites?

No, not actual sites with actual content, but site runtimes. Set up a subdomain on our server and then set up someone else's software on that subdomain and try to blog on it for a certain timeframe, like a week maybe?

This will allow us to test each other's sites, including their onboarding procedures and UX. Also it may be fun!

Proposed rules:

  1. You announce your participation in the event
  2. You set up a subdomain on your domain and choose a person that will provide software (if they agree)
  3. You try to set up this software on your subdomain using all available documentation and that person's help
  4. After all software is set up, you post the link and designate a timeframe in which you will post on that site.
  5. When the designated time lapses, you summarize your experience in a blog post @mentioning or #@person-tagging (depends on your software and preferences, but you need to send the webmention!) the person you collaborated with.

The swap probably should be mutual.

So, is this idea any good?