I still don’t quite understand if it’s the heatwaves that make me apathetic or I’m just having a depressive episode again. Judging by the fact that I still have some will to live remaining, it’s probably the heatwaves. Doesn’t make my life any better though.

I really need to buy some ice cream. I don’t care if it’s expensive af, I got money. But honestly I’d give up a lot if I could just live in a fridge... Oh wait, that’s just called "having an air conditioner" since it literally turns your room into a fridge. Sadly, the only thing I have is a fan, an overheating laptop and an overclocked Raspberry Pi that’s really unstable but works well enough for web browsing and videos.

I’d ask how do you survive the heatwave, but my site doesn’t have webmentions yet. I should really go build a webmention endpoint!