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while studying cargo index format, I realized a cursed thing: I could probably get this thing working with Nix to fetch crates without using Cargo...

i'm probably reinventing the wheel (the wheel being naersk), but:

  # assuming cwd = `git clone`
  fetchCrateVersions = name: builtins.readFile ./${builtins.substring 0 2 name}/${builtins.substring 2 4 name}/${name};
  fetchCrateMetadata = name: version: builtins.getAttr version (builtins.listToAttrs ( (c: { name = c.vers; value = c; }) ( builtins.fromJSON (builtins.filter (n: n != "") (nixpkgs.lib.strings.splitString "\n" (fetchCrateVersions name))))));
# `fetchCrateMetadata`'s output contains `cksum` attribute matching SHA256 hash of the crate, allowing for a fixed-output derivation.
# Using recursive calls of a hypothetical function, all dependencies of a certain crate could be found, and a list for calling `fetchurl` created.
# Creating such a recursive function is an exercise for the reader.

Thus, the entire registry becomes accessible, and a hypothetical Cargo.lock file could be used as a starting point to discover dependencies for a project, without the requirement for any sort of hashes.